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We are a team of engineers who are passionate about creating
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TotalPharmaTech is our flagship product for pharmaceutical companies

Marketing Sales Promotion Officers' (SPOs) geolocation & daily call reports in real-time.

Our mobile and web applications help you manage & plan marketing effortlessly.

  • Schedule Tour Plans of Sales Promotion Officers.
  • Observe their Daily Calls in real-time on a map.
  • Generate detailed Daily Call Reports.

Create and assign Tour Plans from our Smart Dashboard web-application. SPOs will use our Field Assist mobile app app and report back location and detailing status updates.

Field Assist Features

Instant Updates

All activities are synced to the cloud in real-time.

Offline Sync

Updates are saved locally if connection is poor or unavailable and synced back automatically.

Expense Calculation

Geolocation/tracking allow automatic calculation of fuel expenses & out-station night stay.

Activity Tracking

Field Assist can detect geolocation, driving/walking conditions & battery levels.

Smart Dashboard for Sales Managers

NSMs, RSMs, ASMs can view their team's activities in real-time

Filter Daily Call Reports based on date-ranges, customers, sites/locations, group/solo visits and more.

Summary Reports allow you to see the team's performance in numbers & Detailed Reports let you drill down into the specifics of each visit, with a capability to specify your own filters.

Fine-grained Role Based Access

Restrict RSMs & ASMs to view only their team's data.                      

Allow Managers to confirm customers added by Field Staff.                 

Use "Last updated by" feature to monitor changes to system.                 

Marketing stats in graphs & charts

Beautiful charts show marketing history and trends.

Monitor team attendance, tour Plas efficiency, performance targets completion & more

Graphs & charts help visualize marketing health. Observe the efficacy of team visits over the duration of weeks and months and diagnose problem areas. Adjust Tour Plans & customer categories and compare performance with previous assumptions

Modernize your company

The Total Pharma Tech application suite helps pharmaceutical companies streamline their marketing processes, identify expense waste, encourage hard-working Sales Promotion Officers and compete in modern business. If you feel your company is ready join ranks with the best, get in touch with us.

More Features

Our solution will also create a positive impact on your company's culture

Saves time

Field Staff are saved from writing and posting paper forms. Sales Managers don't have to wait days for reports to be finalized. Manufacturing is not idle for weeks as order volumes are finalized.

Intelligent decisions

Data = Intelligence. Make data-driven decisions, in real-time, without compensating for misreported visits and stale customer feedback.

Motivated Staff

Your hard-working Sales Promotion Officers finally get the recognition they deserve. Their hard work is visible for all to see and it motivates them to help the company soar even higher.

Plan expansions

Now you can plan your country or even region-wide marketing expansion. Real-time, data-driven insights allow you to predict future growth areas and invest accordingly. Real-time data again helps you to adjust strategy quickly to maximize profits.

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  • Daily Call Reports
  • Role based access
  • Graphical summaries
  • Tour Planner
  • Cloud-based
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  • Everthing in Premium +
  • Sales Prediction
  • Marketing newsfeed
  • AI driven Tour Planner
  • API Integration
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